a study in 2012 asked teens how much time they spent on twitter and the most common answer was 3 hours a day. the same study was conducted in 1955 and the most common answer was “what”

One of my favourite GoT moments…

”I’m very happy. I dedicate it to all my teammates, who made it possible, and to everyone who believed in me. You always have little hope that you might win and so I did feel quietly confident. I would like to thank all my teammates..I will do that in person when I get back to Madrid tomorrow.” - Cristiano Ronaldo.


Real live footage of Este Haim being possessed by a demon (x)

free him

If you’ve got a guitar and a lot of soul, just bang something out and mean it. You’re the superstar.


"its them they’re here" the starbucks employees scream. outside a line of white girls with their new iPhones awaiting their first instagram